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Social Dance Classes

Physical Health and Fitness

Sometimes when we are told we need to exercise more, without realising it because we are having so much fun moving around the dancing floor, sometimes we don’t think dancing is exercise! There have been a number of studies that tells us that it improves our blood circulation, keeps our knee and elbow joints lubricated, burns unlimited amount of calories depending how much dancing you do and improves our stamina. How long can you dance for?


Social Interaction

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. Don’t feel like going anywhere, stressed or maybe you are a little shy? Dancing can and will break all them down.

We live such busy lives today we don’t get time for ourselves, to meet new people or maybe a little romance.

Social dancing opens a whole new world to all kinds of people. You meet so many different people from all corners of Ireland and beyond. Every dance hall you enter, you will always meet someone new. Instantly you have a common interest. Dancing.

Social Dance Classes


Social Dance Classes every Thursday night @ 8pm
Ahern’s Lounge, Newport, Co. Tipperary
Brian Gibbons Dance

Styles of Dancing

There are a number of different dances I teach at my dances venues across the country.


A lively dance that originated in the early 1930’s in the United States, this is a variation of the Jitterbug, a form of the Swing Dance. This dance has been modernised in recent years in Ireland with the younger artists coming onto the country scene as well as the influence of more male dancers showing some intriguing moves on the dance floor. So if you’re looking for a basic jive or a modern jive check below for my next dance class.


This elegant dance originated in Vienna, Austria in the seventeenth century. Many countries have put their own variation on this dance. In Ireland we have two styles: the Ballroom Style Waltz and the Social Old Time Waltz.


A more recent dance invented by Harry Fox in 1914. This dance is known to be a slower version of the Quickstep. A simpler dance for you to communicate with your dance partner while you’re dancing.


The Quickstep dance is a combination of the Foxtrot, the Chase G Chug, Charleston, Shag, Peabody and the One-step originated in England in the 1930’s.

Line Dances

There are also a number of popular line dances I also teach at the classes. A few years ago the Slosh dance was introduced into the country scene. This is an individual dance which is four dimensional that people seem to really enjoy.

A variation of the slosh dance was also formed called The Posh Slosh. This is only two dimensional but far more intrinsic.

The Electric Slide dance is another very popular dance that I teach at my dance classes.

Again, this is similar to the slosh dance as it is four dimensional but you feel like you really can line dance after this energetic dance.


Jive Classes

Concentrating on the lively and energetic jive dance alone.

Brian -2914

Private Lessons

Whether you are striving for perfection or just looking to learn how to dance.


School Event

Providing choreographed school musicals in a fun environment.


  • “Brian thanks you so much for showing me how to dance. The time you spent with me and all of the class doesn’t go unnoticed. You have given me great confidence in my dancing.

    Josie from Offaly
  • “Thank you so much for our dance Brian. We had so much fun learning it. We even danced it at the wedding. The bride is still talking about our dance.”

    Mary from Donegal
  • "We were part of a hen party that had organised a jiving class with Brian. All the group had a great laugh over the hour and a half lesson and it was a great activity for everyone to get to know each other. Brian was great Craic and kept us all on our toes. The steps will surely come in handy for the wedding.  Thanks again Brian, we would definitely recommend this activity to our friends."
    Maire from Leenane

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Social Dancing Classes
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